Adel Annual Flower & Produce Show 2018

Entry Form & Rules

Click here to download your entry form.


1.       Entry forms with fees to be received not later than 6.00 pm on Thursday 30th August 2018 by:  Mrs Sylvia Halliday, 9 Dunstarn Gardens, Leeds, LS16 8EJ or at the Hall on Thursday 30th August, from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

 2.       Any prize may be withheld or modified if the exhibits are considered unworthy of the prize offered.  Exhibits not conforming to the Schedule will be disqualified.  The Judges’ decision will be final.

 3.       The Show Committee shall be empowered to:
Refuse any entry, visit gardens, allotments, greenhouses, etc. before, during or after the Show, to settle any other matter for which these rules do not provide specifically and their decision shall be final.

 4.       All trophies remain the property of the Society.  Winners to give written receipts and must return trophies to the Show Secretary ONE MONTH before the next Annual Show.  The holder shall be responsible for the award whilst it is in his or her possession.  In the event of a tie the trophy will be held for equal periods.

 5.       Points will be awarded as follows:
First Prize 5 points,  Second prize 3 points,  Third prize 1 point.

 6.       No exhibitor will be awarded more than one prize in any one class.

 7.       There is no limit to entries.

 8.       Exhibitors may bring their own vases, bowls, plates, etc.  Vases and cardboard plates will be provided if required.

 9.       The Hall will be open for staging from 6.30 pm until 8.30 pm on Friday, 31 August, and from 9 am to 10.45 am on Show Day.


 10.   All exhibits in Classes 1 to 19 & 31 - 46 must be bona fide produce of the exhibitor, and shall have been in the exhibitor’s cultivation for at least THREE MONTHS prior to the Show.

11.   If an exhibit in classes 8 to 12 has won prizes previously in two consecutive years they can only be brought for exhibition, not competition, for the following two years.

 12.   Exhibits for Classes 25 to 28 to be in white alcoves approximately 22 ins wide by 31 ins high. The growing of the blooms is optional.  Purchased blooms are acceptable.

 13.   The photographs in Classes 70- 72 must have been taken by the exhibitor in the TWELVE MONTHS prior to the Show. 

 14.   Exhibits in Cookery Classes 51 to 62 must all have been made by the exhibitor.

 15.   Exhibits must bear a Class Card obtainable from the Show Secretary before staging.  Exhibitors are asked to name all plant and flower varieties wherever possible and in judging credit will be given for this.


 16.   Trophy winners are requested to be available for the Presentation at 2.30 pm.  Other prizes may be collected from the Show Secretary immediately afterwards.  Prize money not claimed by the day after the Show will be considered as a donation to Show funds.

 17.   Exhibits must NOT be removed before 4.15 pm.  Any not removed by 4.45 pm will be given to charity.